A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

Ready to get Chookin?

Do you have what it takes to be an ultimate Chook rancher? Gonna be straight with ya kid, it can be tough work. These are some CHEEKY CHOOKS, and you're gonna realise quickly if you don’t keep your chooks happy, you'll go bankrupt, financially AND morally!

So many Chooks!

There’s so many different chooks! Probably millions... okay not millions, but a lot! If you want to hatch them all, you're going to need to grow from a small podunk dusthole into a gigantic chicken utopia MEGA RANCH!


Happier chooks means higher quality eggs, keeping your chooks happy means big profits.. but overcrowd them or let them get too hungry and you’ll finally find out why the chicken crossed the road, it was to get away from your negligence!

Move up the ranks, complete missions, and unlock cool upgrades and buildings for your chooks. You're gonna need to stay current to keep up with the innovation revolution and maintain a sustained level of disruption with your free range empire!


  • No ads or in app purchases! 100% free and 100% free range!
  • Build your Chook empire from a small dust bowl to a giant mega ranch!
  • Different types and rarities of Chooks to discover and hatch!
  • Each Chook is unique! With their own name, bio, and 100% completely sentient AI.
  • Changing seasons and weather.
  • Minigames! Chook facts! Events!
  • Full day/night cycle.
  • Protect your Chooks from bad weather and boredom.
  • Sandbox building, put buildings where you want, rotate them as you please, make your ranch with your own personal flair!


Jump in our discord! Or hit us up on on the facebook or twitter why not even?


Feel like supporting the developers at Trilum Studios? Buy us a coffee on Ko-fi!

Cheeky Chooks was a collaboration between Trilum Studios and RSPCA Australia.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(97 total ratings)
Tags3D, Chicken, chook, Clicker, Cute, Farming, Management, Tycoon, Virtual Pet


cheeky-chooks-windows.zip 76 MB
Version 12 Jun 30, 2022
cheeky-chooks-android.zip 151 MB
Version 12 Jun 30, 2022
cheeky-chooks-mac-os.zip 79 MB
Version 13 Jun 30, 2022

Install instructions


The easiest way to download for PC is using the Itch.io desktop application! This is the best way to keep your games up to date, and get new content easily when we update the game!

Alternatively you can download the zip file below, extract the contents, and use the Cheeky Chooks.exe to run the game.


You sure can! Click the links below to Chook on the Go!

Development log

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Me encantó me vicié un buen rato acá les dejo un gameplay uwu


this gmae is really addicting haha loving it

Can I play this game on a Chromebook?

Sorry for the late reply! Mileage may vary but afaik it should work as long as you can access the Play Store. Hope this help! :)

great game, ive always enjoyed first person shooters more than this sort of thing but this is probably one of my favorite games, its relaxing to play something where you dont have to be constantly alert.

Hi! I'm loving this game but I stumbled upon this beautiful map but have no idea if this building still exists anymore. Is it still available with the newest version of the game? Please let me know! Thanks so much.

Hello great to hear you are loving the game! That is actually Ol' Popahkays Hut, a Legendary Witch Chook that was temporarily available in the game for a Halloween event along with a few others.
The bad news is we had to ditch the idea of timed events.
The good news is we came up with something much cooler, which we are currently working on and going to release real soon. :D
If you join our Discord we make announcements about updates, and other cool Chook/Trilum related goss. :D

Totally, thank you so much for letting me know! I look forward to all the new stuff you have planned.

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This is freakin pretty! my family adore this game and i check everyday for my cheeky chooks! <3 i've played for more than a month a you NEED to play it either!!! aaaa

Edit: sadly, i got bored lol

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I don't call chickens by that name anymore.

there are only cheeky chooks.

If you like management sims, chickens, and cute stuff, then play it. You won't regret it until you should've had dinner an hour ago but you're so busy with your third barn you're like damn I need a watering area now... my brown chook thirsteh

5 cheeky chooks chookin' around and bein cheeky out of 5


@trilumstudios this game is so cute!

Thank you!

You're welcome, TrilumStudios!

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How do you transfer your save from one computer to another om steam? And recently the pumpkin crushing thing is glitching, when I click on the red squire and then click accept it. The thing closes and the red squire reappeared on the right side on the screen. Then I did the same proses but when I clicked accept the second time, the timer stated  and at the bottom in the middle it said I already had 153 pumpkins. When the timer had hit 48 seconds it did not stop, instead it continue counting I clicked Exit and it did not close and normally it popped the score thing  up and tells you how much gold you get for the score. I had to completely shut down the application and bring it back up.

Could you pleas make transferring of chickens to different coops less tedious pleas

Other then that THE GAME IS SOOOOO F****** GOOD 


Sorry for the late reply we have been busy as heck on the latest update (which you should totally chook out)! You can find your save files here:
C:\Users\...\AppData\LocalLow\Trilum Studios\Cheeky Chooks
However in the update we literally just pushed out Steam Cloud Saves have been added to the game, so once you have updated it should automatically move your saves! :)

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I love this game so much; played around 2018. Just popped in to see if it got updates and...im happy to see there are! I like the time based part, it makes you want to come back to check on money you earned (and on your chooks). Id be happy to see spin offs too, like say a dairy farm. X3


Thanks! You should check out the latest update, we added a tonne of stuff we think you'll love all over again! :D

Oh yay, thats wonderful to hear!

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i downloaded the chicken gif


Me too

how download

This game is great! Very well done, polished, and feels very complete so far. I've put a couple hours in already, and there's still a lot more to do. I have a feeling I'm going to spend forever just tweaking my farm to make it look pretty. 


Also, i have a question, 

Why does the happyness rating go down when you hatch a new Chook?


Oh, and it would be handy if you could see what events could happen like pumpkin bash.

Best game i've played out here, 10/10 rating, really like the art and the fact that it's still fun to play while not idle.



I haven't played it yet, but it might be fun & interesting from the screenshots that I've looked at here on this game's page.

I seriously do not know how to download it.....

No idea as to why you randomly replied to me, but you're going to have to talk to me via Twitter, www.twitter.com/VampireLord1024. Make sure to check the pinned Tweet at the top of my Twitter profile so you'll know how to send me a direct message, as I do not talk via comments, sorry!


Made a gameplay video of it!

Hey thanks! We have an update just round the corner, so keep a beak out for it!

Really been enjoying this. So relaxing and cute. The mini-games are a joy. xD

Okay super fun. Super cute. Run very well. I love it


can you make a version for apple computers or apple phones



(3 edits)

Nice and polished

I`ts time to update the banner image =)

omigosh... I think I updated, and forgot to save. :s 
Thank you for pointing this out. :D


Heya! experiencing what I at least think is a small bug, not sure where else to report it but here! 

It says I have a notification for the Legends quest screen, and has done for the majority of the game, but when I actually click on the tab t's blank. A reinstall did nothing, though I haven't tried backing up my files, uninstalling entirely, then putting them back after a reinstall, but I'm not entirely confident in knowing how to do so. ^^'' 

Christmas update?

where are you ?


more updates  it kills me to have beaten the game already i really like your game you guys would be awesome to add a ton of more teirs.

I uh... broke the game. First time i played it..... So, my computer started lagging out due to some other things i had turned on... So i exited out of the game. By clicking the X, not any in-game buttons. When I turned it back on, the fence and surrounding stuff was invisible, and i can't get it to reappear.... It's still very much playable, but either way it's a bug X/

And just after i posted that, it started working again. Welp.

Hey, at least it IS working!

Im LOVING it so far. Really hope theres a thanksgiving and christmas event. it was fun gaathering the legendaries

I reviewed this for my site, https://scoffingames.com/2018/11/13/cheeky-chooks-beta-review/ . I really liked it, but I hope more things are added to keep me engaged. There needs to be more variety and reasons to keep playing it instead of waiting for chooks to lay eggs in late-game to complete tasks :-) Thank you for making this!

Ooh this game is fantastic! It's like some kind of idle/tamagotchi/tycoon game, with adorable ridiculous chickens. I tested it on my work computer, but I can't wait for the mac version to come out so I can properly invest in my chicken farm. :)


Sounds a bit silly and obviously wouldn't be a HUGE change to the game, but I thought it would be cute if underneath each individual chook description  (chicken icon < click on a chicken's name < information about that chook) it would be cute to add more info to their personality? Maybe like:

Penelope loves playing in the pool!

Best Friend: Abigail

Dislikes: Rachel 

Just gives them a bit more information to their personality ! :) 

Hey.... im creating a sandbox of CC

what do you want me to build next????

subscribe to see more building idea :D

whats the max level for incubators? its an amazing game though i love it so much!


There is NO MAXIMUM! Whaaaa? Ultimate cash sink! Thank you so much, we have it out now on Steam also with achievements and such and hey, why not check out our discord if you feel so inclined. :D

Hello! I am playing via steam, is there an easy way to reset the game? I reinstalled but everything was still there. Not sure how to restart!

Hi! We really underestimated how much people would want to play the game in a sitting (we have so many people asking just this!), and have some cool ideas on how to fix this. Right now the only way is to go in and manually make back ups of your save files. It always saves to the same place, so just reinstalling the game wont fix it.
We have cool ideas on how to add new game+ or the ability to make new farms/profiles but it would be for at least another update, NEXT UP RACES! If you want to keep super up to date why not jump in our discord? Were super friendly/active and love feedback!

No worries! Just to clarify, there is currently no way to fully reset the game?

Not yet! But its on a bunch of lists. :D


So fun, I also got all the halloween chooks! Please don't leave this game for dead, because it is super fun. I really want to see more chooks and special event type of things and updates!


Oh ho ho! You are going to be so excited when you go check out our dev logs or jump in our discord.
Chook Races, coming really soon! Along with 3 more Legendary Chooks with more on the way!


this is my ranch after a month

That's gotta be the most impressive choock farm ever. But does it play fortnite?

there are no fortnite in this ranchtopia but they waiting for warcraft 3 reforged

the fifth race : chicken man

speciality : the cluckening

The cluckening lol


I can't belive how much fun this is! I'm playing it on my phone and i can't say anything bad about it. For a free game it has a lot to offer. The graphics are really good for a free game too and the animations are so good! The game is only about chooks, but you can have fun for a really long time. I can't say anything bad about it. Not even the music gets boring and it's the same all the time! I have only one question: Are there predators, because i haven't seen any. My farm is still level 0 so maybe they will come wehn it's level 1? I hope so. A little difficulty with predators would be fun I believe. All in one a really fantastic farming game. I can't complain.


I really enjoyed this game! Thanks so much


Hey there! Thank you SO much. Its so cool seeing content like this pop up, peeps like you are the best. :D We have lots in store, so chook a look back soon.. in fact any day now, things gonna get spooky up in here...

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