Cheeky Chooks 2.02 Change Log

General Features

New Keyboard controls and shortcuts for PC:

W,A,S,D - Move camera
Q,E - Rotate camera

` - Shop Menu
1 - Farm Essentials
2 - Fun Items
3 - Water Items
4 - Land Items
5 - Decorations
I - Farm Info
C - Chook Menu
M - Missions
J - Journal
Z - Change camera mode
Escape - Back out of menus/bring up options menu

- Numerical values over 1k now have digit grouping/commas to make values clearer
- Added range of new sound effects for events, UI, ambience and hatching eggs
- Tweaked tutorial panels slightly, and started to add further on boarding features
- Pumpkin Smash event time increased slightly

Bug Fixes

- Major changes to save system to create more fail safes and backups
- Save files on Main Menu now update farm data correctly
- Fixed texture bleeding issue on Very Low setting
- Tweaked sounds across the project, fixed bugs with certain sfx not playing or playing incorrectly
- Can no longer stack certain items such as the sandpit, pumpkin patch and logs
- Chook info bubbles now scale appropriately when zooming out
- Egg bars or food amount bars no longer remain selected after being bought during tutorial
- Fixed egg appearing over coop even when no eggs to collect
- Stats in farm panel should now be updating correctly
- Incorrect music tracks being used at end of Hat Find event fixed
- Mission counter now updates correctly when restarting the game
- Not enough food/water/space/cash warning was only appearing only once and dissappearing too quickly, now appears after every click and has a sound effect associated to it

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