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LOVE this game, but could you slow down the rescources depleting when the app is not running?


I love the game! I wish it would get more features in the future but right now I am so satisfied with the demo because it's so relaxing and all the chooks are so adorable. I especially love their flying animations!

They are so cute. Keep it up!

We are working real hard on some really great updates, as well as a spooky Halloween Event starting next week! Thanks for the love, and keep a beak out for more chook action.

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Hey! Thanks a lot for the feedback, its stupid late here but I will watch that vid first thing. :) 
We agree with the points you make here, ultimately we only had about 10 weeks to get it done (it was in partnership with RSPCA who are using it in a educational campaign).
HOWEVER after we got so much love, we decided we needed to smash out some content and smooth out those rough edges. We are adding minigames, more direct interactions with the chooks, as well as unique one of a kind Chooks. So hopefully we keep you chookin until we can get that out... we HOPE end of this week, alongside an iOS version and Steam release.

How do you download the game?AND WHICH FILE IS IT IN.

Well you can definitely consider me hooked on chooks!

I'm a massive fan of management and tycoon games, I remember when I got crazy addicted to Theme Park back in the day to the point I would wait until my parents had gone to bed and sneakily turn my Mega Drive on and play the night away. Good times!

Anywho, Cheeky Chooks really took me back to those carefree childhood days, with the added bonus of raising super cute chooks! The learning curve isn't too steep and everything is laid out really nicely so it's easy to know what you're looking at, what you're buying and what your goals are.

The chooks themselves are downright adorable, I love how they have various moods that pop up above their heads and that they have little squawky conversations between themselves.

Getting enough money saved up to get to the next farm level did take a wee bit of time though, which slowed the fun down a little bit. Getting to the next level was totally worth it in the end though, and I'm really looking forward to playing some more of this of hatching myself some more rare chooks!

I can't wait to see what additions and transformations this game is going to go through as you work on it more, and you can count me in for sure! Keep up the awesome work =)


I just logged on, and my happiness was at -55 because I hatched a bunch of golden Chooks and about half of them left! What do I do?!

I literally have to re-install! :( :( :( i was at farm level 3!

Oh no! Sorry about the late reply its the weekend here. Golden Chooks are a lot more upkeep than the other chooks, at least -5 per chook. If you hatched a lot and then got unlucky with a rainy day, or low food this can really affect your happiness level.

The more Chooks you have, the more unhappiness you create due to crowding. If they get too unhappy Chooks will decide to leave until you bring the happiness back up. 
Or was there some kind of bug do you think that stopped you/made too much unhappiness? 

Either way, it sucks you have to start over, if you email me at or join our discord I may be able to help boost you back up!

i just refilled all the food and water and bought/upgraded loads of stuff, i was at a maximum level farm too :(

also its cos i hatched 10 golden chooks at once

Ahhh yeah that will do it unfortunately... 
You can also remove chickens from your farm if you run into something like that again.
If you go to the chook menu, click an individual chook, you can use the garbage can icon to remove said chook from your farm.

Be careful with those gold chooks though!

Just logged on today.... I had 75 chooks before. I now have 9 chooks, and i was going to delete them all and start again but none will delete, and it keeps saying *blank* has left your farm for some reason... Oh, and my happiness is at -119. I guess that means I'll have to restart...

This game was pretty Adorbs! Nice little chicken sims XD

the game is 27mb??? or 34 on pc not android or ios

Hi! The listed file sizes are the compressed download for the game!
Once installed and uncompressed its 83Mb. :)

Lol I briefly raised some chickens Chooks

"You're beautiful...waow"






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10/10 great game. The writing is AMAZING!  Love the chickens names. Cant recommend this enough.

Thank you so much! Be on the look out for a big update coming soon with a lot more to do and unlock!

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Absolutely love the game but why do the chooks pile up near the entrance? it seems like they want to just leave!! Its probably just some regular thing but i wish my chooks wouldnt pile up by the entrance ;///


This is something we should hopefully have fixed in an update coming soon, along with a bunch of new fun stuff to chook around with. :D


really nice game. i create this when i'm level 1 but now im lvl 4 chooker

do i win the best farmer among the chooker?

You may have the best chooker farm, but be prepared for the vilarchim. We are coming for the crown of chooker metropolis. Be afraid, be very afraid.

i will prepare an army for that

Prepare for invasion

you will to fight

12 banner army

26 rare mencenaries

33 golden army


Loving the game already, really freaked me out when it randomly(?) generated my real life name, haha



I love this game so much! The chickens are so cute, and its so sweet how they interact with each other as if they are talking!! I also like how they can smash the pumpkins during the mini-game, it makes it so much easier to get money. 


(+1) <- here are my chickens!! I love them all

I love it! The progression is so nice. maybe there should be a super-care mode where, each rank up, the formula for egg laying rate goes 5 - happiness/25 + rank * 5  But there would be some way to increase the max happiness. However, I really do like playing the game! it is a great and very fun challenge all the way through.

I can't wait for the iOS version!

I know this might be a little bit to ask for, but will there ever be a MacOS / Linux version of the game? If so, I'll be looking forward to playing it..

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░C░h░e░e░k░y░ ░C░h░o░o░k░s░

Thank you so much to the developers, appreciate you so much

way too long tutorial, there is a part where I do not know what's next, 
Ok reloaded the game, in the step where it says something like "Click Cheeky-shop title to go back", I think it will improve with a Back button, I will keep testing,

other observations:

when placing objects in the tutorial, you can nos zoom in and out camera, so is impossible to placer objects in the corners if you zoomed in before


Wow thanks a tonne for the feedback! The tutorial is something we really want to go over in our next update, mainly by splitting it up and clearing up little bugbears like the ones you've mentioned. 

There is even some stuff that could be a lot clearer or are simply not covered, such as moving buildings after you've bought them with the spanner tool/customise button. 

Our disc is the best place to get us but I will check back here regularly, as a small team feedback like this is super useful. :D

Ok, I kept playing like an hour more, while I have money to buy stuffs I can keep playing (addictive progress) , but when I run out of resources  and have to close the game, at least in desktop, I do not feel the need to return to the game, It may work better in mobile with notifications, or it me be just me getting old, but nice game BTW

I lost all my progress how do I recover?

What platform are you on, and what happened when you lost your save file?

Hello! There! Fun fact: this is my first comment on! :D

Now, about the game...


Got a bit ahead of myself here... I really like the game. I love the art style, I love the music, I like the idea, I like Chooks! XD

Like seriously I love it. But, another reason I came here...

I am a Beginner on Unity too, and I was wondering if Trilum Studios has any tips... I really want to make games in the future for people to play, and your work really inspires me. So... yea...

I mean, there are loads of discord servers and youtubers who have tutorials and you can ask them directly, but I guess it can be good to get info from a studio like this.

Yup. :) 

Is this game compatible with mousepad? I am trying to scroll to zoom with all of my might but it is not working and I can't play the actual game!

Just to clarify, by mousepad do you mean your laptops trackpad? If so then yes, you should be able to use a pinch inward or outward, or use two fingers at once and swipe up or down, or whatever you usually use to scroll using your trackpad. Let me know if this helps. :)

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Yes, that is what I mean. I'm sorry that I didn't clarify, I have tried the two finger scroll and I have tried pinching and nothing is happening. Also when I quit out of the game and restart it before I finish the tutorial (Since I can't finish the tutorial), it deletes the name of my farm and removes the forest and pen and only shows a green screen with a gate. But then if I close out of it and restart it again it all comes back. I really want to play this game but I physically can't! It looks pretty though.

The same thing happens to me. I wondered if it was just my laptop, but it might be something else.

Would you be able to provide me a model number of your laptop so we can try and track it down? We will see what we can do. :) We will check into some other things too.

Looks great and fun, Love the art style :)

Haven't tried it out yet but lookin' to do it when it comes out of beta ;) 


kinda boring to me, but great job


Hey no problem!
Hopefully some of our updates can win your heart back to the chook way.. but also thanks for dropping by and trying it out. :)


bad balance and levels, too much afk needed. for nothing. not good for idle game.

We will be posting some updates that hopefully move it further away from being an idle game(which it kind of began out as). So if you liked the general chookin, be sure to keep an eye out. :) 


Very cute!  Looking forward to Mac beta.


They have to be literal about the think different thing huh?
BUT ALSO! We haven't forgotten don't worry. Still hoping to launch it to iOS alongside the Steam release, with a bunch of cool additions and quality of life upgrades.  :D


This game is great, I ended up playing it way longer than expected. I agree with some of the other comments about tweaking the progression. I think this is a great foundation for an even more fun game.

We got so much more love than we anticipated.. waking to people playing your game on youtube and all the feedback kinda took us by surprise, so were definitely going to take all of this on board and smash out some updates. Which you best believe will drop on itch first. 
While we want to tweak the progression, and definitely polish the tutorial, we want to make a real push to add more interactions and events with the chickens.. I think its gonna be pretty rad.
Also.. just respect most high for this incredible community. Itch rocks.



I built a park-within-a-pen for my girls :' )

... of course, they seem to prefer to swarm weirdly in front of it, but... we're working on it...

love this game, love chickens, love nothing more than checking the game and realizing one of the chickens is leading a yoga class 

gameplay notes: the progression feels just a little slow, to the point where I'm gonna admit that I went ahead and uh fudged my numbers a little just so I could have a pseudo-'sandbox' mode. I just couldn't find the patience to wait for a whole million. And I wish I could zoom out just a little more so that when the camera was in overhead mode I could see the full level 3 farm, but that's just minor stuff

though sometimes i'm tempted to forget the chickens and sell these spontaneous giant pumpkins instead ...

Woop! So this got lost in some follows so sorry for the late reply.
We can forgive the odd bit of fraud.. ;)  Thanks for the feedback, the bug in the picture is something we are tracking down, but also maybe they are just hanging out? No its a bug.
Most of the stuff people have said we couldn't agree more with, and it was literally a matter of not enough time. Over the next week or two we will be pushing a bunch of smaller fixes, and a major content patch that will hopefully smooth out that progression and just make the game overall a lot more interactive.
If we somehow get really lucky/create a temporal loop, we might even try and get something extra spooky out for the end of the month.

this game is so fun!! i got sucked into playing it for a couple of hours already even though I was very tired haha the tutorial felt a bit clunky? but i know you're still working on the game so thats not rly a complaint, once i got through it, i had a blast playing it! can't wait to buy the farm upgrade and get even more chooks :D

This looks great! Are you planning on making a Mac build in the future?

We are! This was a super early release but we will have some cool updates, and be coming to Steam as well as just iOS devices. So fingers crossed and with the grace of the Games Gods we will have it on Macs and Apple phones in the next week or two.

My cat caught the power cable on my computer and caused it to reset and my game restarted back to the very start, is there any way to get my old lv 3 farm back or is it lost forever?

Oh hot dogs.. you may have gotten really unlucky there if it was saving at the same time!
The game saves to this folder:
C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\LocalLow\Trilum Studios\Cheeky Chooks

You can check there and see, but if on the main menu its showing up 'New Game' instead of 'Continue' it's because it cant find a save file. Check in that folder and see if its there,  also that you are logged in as the same user.

When we launch on Steam we hope to get cloud saves working to solve this issue. I'm really sorry if you lost your progress, let me know how you go either way. I may be able to give you some kind of boost if you have lost stuff.

It said Continue but when it said Welcome Back and the black screen faded,  it was the starting farm and tutorial instead of the farm I had.

I can see my save and looked in it, and saw all the things are in there still, but it doesn't seem to load up and instead just gives me the lv 0 farm, I think the reset may have corrupted it? O_o
Is there a way for me to send you the file? Even if you cannot recover it, it could still be looked into in hopes of finding why it won't load and gives me the tutorial farm.

I can totally take a look at it for you, but from what we can deduce it is probably gone.

Still, email it through to 
In the very worst case scenario I could sort you out with a save that would get you back to where you were.

Sent the file ^^

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The game is pretty charming and fun to play!!!

But could you reduce the amount of tutorials in the beginning? I got a bit frustrated in the beginning when I wanted to do something and the tutorial was blocking me for quite a long time. Also certain things are not obvious, like when the tutorial said about selling eggs its a bit confusing to find out how to sell the eggs despite it being a tutorial.

We are totally going to jump on that. I couldn't agree more, my plan is to split them up, and make some of them purely contextual, so little pop ups that only appear when you click a thing. 

It also misses some finer points like you keep generating eggs offline, the spanner tool enables moving stuff after purchase/selling stuff, the chicken UI... we just got swamped, but are going to try and get all of that and some new events and minigames out over the next week or so leading up to launching on Steam and iOS.

Thanks again for the feedback, its really appreciated. :D

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There's a BUG in the shop menu. If you click on the info icon for Fun Park then click on the info icon for Park then the information dialogue on the right closes instantly after updating it with the Park information. Does not happen in other cases as far as I can see.


So, the game is a lot of fun when you're actually playing it, but there is so much down time with nothing to do it's like 1/3 fun sim game and 2/3 screen saver. The farming game is really great, the art style and music are fantastic and the wiring is both funny and educational. But I literally went and played another game while this ran in the background because there was so little to do after a certain point. If that gets patched up, this could be great, but as it is now, there's too much time with nothing to do.

Hey CoalFire! Firstly just want to thank you a whole tonne, for a first time developer waking up to someone reviewing your game like this is amazing. Not to mention, being so small we have had really limited budget/playtesting. Basically just me, playing this game hundreds of times albeit it with some exploits. 

There is some stuff that we kind of missed, the biggest being clarifying that you make money whilst offline. Each coop can store a certain amount, which increases as you upgrade it. As you upgrade your farm, it also increases the time you can be away. The idea being that you log in once or twice a day to check on your chooks. That said! There are events and interactions that we want to add, like general farm upkeep but more importantly more direct interactions with the chickens.

You can move items that you've already bought by clicking the spanner button, which is on the bottom left bar third from the right next to the settings cog and the camera button. You can also sell items by using the delete button when in this mode.

This kind of feedback is super super useful, and once again thanks so much for your time, effort and feedback. We will be releasing to Steam and iOS within the next fortnight, and hope to have a nicer clearer tutorial in place by then, and some of the gameplay issues ironed out. Less pumpkins I promise.

...but also, whilst your 'get lots of chooks' strat is good... maybe you should look at what the feeders  give you at max level... quality over quantity is kinda the whole point. ;)  




This game is AWESOME! Thank you so much for fueling my love for chickens! Beautiful Style as well!


This is amazing! Couple hours in so far and loving it! Will definitely review for my site! Thank you for making this!

Hahahah that would be awesome, and were glad you like it. Can't wait to be able to post our first ever game review.

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