Cheeky Chooks 3.04 Change Log

  • Fixed loading screen disappearing before main menu is loaded
  • Egg truck has been rebalanced, now requests an amount of eggs based on the amount of chooks in your coops and the max egg storage of the coop
  • Rewards from minigames have been increased
  • Fixed music on the Main Menu which would cut out after playing once
  • Fixed music tracks cutting off too soon and other audio bugs in game
  • Removed axis inputs (gamepads or joysticks plugged in would sometimes result in camera movement)
  • Speed run timer issues fixed, now displays correctly
  • Fixed issue where camera would bug out at end of tutorial

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Version 5 Aug 27, 2021 151 MB
Version 5 Aug 27, 2021 79 MB
Version 6 Aug 27, 2021

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