Cheeky Chooks 2.0 Changelog


  • Graphical Update including an improved Lighting Shader allowing for cleaner shadows and multiple lights in scene.
  • Bloom, Ambient Occlusion, and Tilt Shift post processing effects added (can be turned on or off in Options).
  • New music! Several new tracks that play contextually rather than on a loop.
  • Major UI system overhaul and optimisation.
  • New save system means smaller more efficient save files. Old saves will be converted.
  • Four save slots now available, returning farmers will find their old farms in SLOT 1 after it has been converted.
  • New Title and Options menus with many more settings for Gameplay, Audio, and Graphics, including advanced graphics options.
  • Ability to toggle between perspective and orthographic cameras.
  • Events such as the Pumpkin Smash and Hat Find have been reworked, they are much less invasive, have their own unique interface/music, and can be exited at any time. 
  • Addition of 'Chook Journal' which keeps track of tutorials/tips, and chook facts.
  • Player can now move or rotate items by clicking item, and using the move or rotate buttons that appear around said object. Removed spanner icon from menu bar as it now serves no purpose.
  • Tutorial has been overhauled to be a lot more clear and concise; several bugs and major issues new players faced have been fixed including the player getting stuck in the tutorial.


  • UI improvements fixing a range of clipping and resolution issues.
  • Fixed bug preventing Chooks interacting with objects
  • Bug where reopening the game reset volume on main menu to 100% has been fixed.
  • Bug where reopening the game reset shadows has been fixed.
  • Potential fix for some crashing.
  • Potential fix for some users crashing on startup.
  • Activities and Event notifications are no longer full screen pop-ups, notifications will now appear along the right hand side of the screen and won’t maximize until clicked, Warnings for things such as low Happiness or Chooks leaving will still fill the screen.
  • Toggling shadows now properly toggles shadows.
  • Shadows on higher settings are set to flat as intended.
  • Fixed bug where player would not receive rewards for events.
  • Pumpkin Smash event won’t start appearing until you have at least 5 Chooks
  • Hat Find event won’t start appearing until you have at least 15 Chooks.
  • Fixed bug where you could buy an egg without the needed resources.
  • Analytics has been removed from the game

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