Cheeky Chooks 2.01 Change Log

- Audio bug fixes
- Fixed bug causing the loading to not complete
- Reset rotation of all buildings (for the building rotation bug)
- Fixed bugs with coop reassigning
- Fixed chook coop numbers and sprites in chook menu
- Fixed rehoming Chooks in Chook Menu
- Fixed error with audio when leaving to Main Menu
- Fixed error with placing a building when buildings array is full
- Fixed typos in the tips book
- UI cleanup (overlapping UI, notifications of low resources not appearing)
- Fixed issue with building stats being reset to first level on converted saves
- Fixed issue with building upgrades showing incorrect stats (Coop spaces would show an extra amount of space on upgrade when you don’t actually get any extra)... also added in the max level bonus to the upgrade panel
- Fixed Steam achievements
- Fixed mission handler showing missions from previous saves when you return to main menu and enter another game.... Same for the tips in the tip book
- Fixed issue with the save conversion window constantly popping up not allowing the user to play the game
- Fixed issue with the info ring closing when buying a building from the shop

Files 40 MB
Version 29 Mar 16, 2020 72 MB
Version 23 Mar 16, 2020

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