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Play as the charming crustacean Crabby, catchin' the fish, and lookin good doin it! Unlock all the stylin hats and trims, so you can make your parents finally respect you! Beat your high score, over and over, until you cant. Whatever. I mean grow up... if you don't ever push yourself, you'll never get that promotion. BE TENACIOUS!


  • A single but incredibly adorable crab.
  • Fish, that you catch. You dont catch the crab... sorry for the confusion.
  • Bombs!
  • Arcadey goodness.
  • Hats to wear on your Crabby, to suit every style.


Crabby is a very simple game, with very simple controls, it can be played with a gamepad if you like, and I highly recommend you do to get that authentic 'arcade feel'.

Gamepad: Use the Left Stick to move the lovely little crustacean around, use 'A' to jump, and 'Start' to pause the game.

Keyboard and mouse: Use 'A' and 'D' to control the Crabman, use 'Space' to jump, and 'Escape' to bring up the pause menu.

What's the deal with Crabby Catcher?

Crabby Catcher is a game that our team put together very early on in our studies. It was a single semester, single subject kind of deal, and we created it primarily to shut up our programming teacher who harped on and on about how great phone games are. We scored a HD, and he was overjoyed, and we quickly went back to PC as a platform.

You can find this on the Android Playstore HERE!

What's the deal with the people who made Crabby Catcher?

They are a pretty cool bunch of beans, check out their work at the following places:



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Tags3D, Arcade, Cartoon, Character Customization, crab, Cute, fish, gamepad


Crabby Catcher.zip 57 MB

Install instructions

To install game simply extract the files from the zip. In the parent folder 'Crabby Catcher' you will find an exe to play the game.

Please note that the resolutions have been locked to 16x9, due to the game being a single screen arcade style, requiring the 16x9 ratio. :D


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Hey there! Thanks for showcasing good ol Crabby Catcher in your video. :D
High fives!

The game is super fun, please continue working on this game. GO CRABBY!

love the extra hats! this is pretty dang fun and the controls feel good :D really love the graphics!


Hehehe thanks! This was from so long ago, we will never forget the Crabby. <3